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Opening Day
Thank you for the great Opening Day Sunday!!  Don't forget that we will play this Sunday (Sept 17th) and then we will have three straight weekends of Saturday and Sunday games.  Also please note that the Saturday games start 30 minutes earlier (1:00, 3:30, and 6:00) than the Sunday games.

We have posted 250 pictures on our Facebook page (Cotton States League) - hope you enjoy them and will share them with your families and friends.  In case we get into a weather delay this fall, you will want to follow us on Twitter (@cottonstates) - any delays will be posted there first and then sent by group text to the coaches and the officials.
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Tribe Win LCS Championship
The Tippah Tribe won the July League LCS championship with a hard fought 4-2 win over the Tallahatchie RascalsThank you to everyone (players, coaches, sponsors, BNA Bank Park grounds crew, CSBL staff, etc) for another fantastic summer!!  We hope to see you all again this fall.

Deadline for the fall season is August 8th.  We will play a 12 game season starting September 10th.  See you then!!! 
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Apps for New Players Due Aug 8th
Applications from our new players for the 2017 Fall season are due by August 8th.  Please submit them online through this website.  If you are currently in the league, all that is required is an e-mail - please do not re-apply.  We will begin play on Sunday, Sept 10th.  
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